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timeline/ the missing years+links, Raffles-Yogya-SG, 2015-21

2021/February performance online, BuangSuay, NUS Museum

2020/ October—online performance. Uncursing Cotton, Campers Corner Space.


2020/August— online NGS Corvid [ out of isolation: artists respond to covid-19 Jimmy Ong with Johann Yamin | National Gallery Singapore]( )

2020/ July— online NUS Museum, Prep Room Conversation with Johann Yamin and Kirti Upadhyaya.

2020/ March- artist in residence/ Stay Home Quilt, 3P Community Arts Lab at TzuChi HYC, Yishun Singapore.

(a community project involving migrant workers and members of Tzu Chi Singapore, incomplete )

[3Pumpkins on Instagram: “#stayhomequilt has been consistently receiving youth who are interested in creating participatory art work to put together over 200 public…”]( )

2019/ curator-survey — Visual Notes: Actions and Imaginnings,/NX Gallery, NUS Museum.

(Johann Yamin interviewed and curated, view recorded webinar on NUSMuseum webpage)

2019/ October— charity show. AWARE Singapore.

[@pluralartmag shared a photo on Instagram: “Do you think we need to consign Thomas Stamford Raffles to the tong sampah (refuse bin) of history? ⠀ ⠀ If so, artist Jimmy Ong…” • Oct 18, 2019 at 3:20am UTC]( )

2019/ September— installation and performance, A Year in Java, Asian Civilisation Museum Singapore.

[Jimmy Ong on Instagram: “Performing a “tambal”. The motley patchwork batik motif that also says to heal, to remedy, to make peace. #povertyquilt @acm_sg this and…”]( )

2019/ June— interactive installation, Poverty Quilt, Campers Corner Space, Waterloo St.

(memorial sewing with friends for grandmother and deceased spouse )


2019/April- group show. Raw Forms, Coda Culture, Singapore.

[Teng Yen Hui on Instagram: “sneaky sneak peek of “Raw Forms” opening at @codaculture this friday. @allourtomorrows being all anal about installation..”]( )

2019/ March— performance, Covered Causeway, Passport@ OH! OpenHouse.

(Lived and performed with Malaysian PR in SG over 5 weekends, a first homecoming into immigrant abode)

[OH! Open House on Instagram: “🔔 OPENING WEEKEND RECAP 🔔 . What ties our loyalties to a place? . We are herded along checkpoints, funneled into queues, made to wait our…”]( )

2019/ March — SK

2019/ February—artist talk, Raffles Revisited, Asian Civilisations Museum’s exhibition, in conjunction with the exhibition Raffles in Southeast Asia .

(Slide presentation of works in progress with performance of babad of fall of Yogyakarta under the British).

[@jimmyongjogja on Instagram: “At a recent talk at ACM about a 2015 exhibition on Raffles in Java, I took the occasion to have Erson sang the babad on the fall of…”]( )

2018/ March— exhibition and performance, Open House! Emerald Hill/, Singapore

(Exhibited Seamstresses' Raffles and Open Love Letters)

[OH! Open House on Instagram: “Upon first glance, Jimmy Ong’s Open Love Letters is a rather festive work. There is music playing, the fragrance of spices in the air, kueh…”](

[Becoming Singapore Episode 2 - CNA]( ) watch video between 07:00–-12:00

2018/ February—travelling group show, A Beast, A God, A Line, Dhaka Art Summit, Para Site, Hong Kong and various venues.

2016/ December— performance, Boxing Day Dinner, Langgeng Art Foundation, Yogyakarta.

[Olivia’s Cookbook on Instagram: “Gajah Nguling as ratatouille accompaniment made by Pascal. #boxingdaylaf”](

2016 /November— performance cooking, Olivia’s Table, Gudskul, Gudang Sarinah, Jakarta.

(performed AyamKapiTan at cooking workshops.)

2016/ March- exhibition, ArtBasel HK

(Exhibited 7 fabric effigies, Seamstresse'Raffleses.)

2015/ performance— Raffles' Seamstresses, Singapore Writers’ Festival, Art House.

12 hour sewing performance making of an effigy of Raffles.

[Jimmy Ong on Instagram: “#adifferentsky #rafflesseamstress”]( )

2015 /solo show— {The History of Java}, FOST Gallery, Singapore .



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