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Lovers & Ancestors 1996
Cicada Gallery, Ann Siang Hill Singapore.

Exhibition in the gallery space designed by Richard Ho at Ann Siang Hill Singapore. A catalog was produced with an essay by Constance Sheares. The show comprised of of 12 large drawings around the theme of progeny and filial piety, and multiple small drawings of domestic squabbles.


This show was a parting letter to family and friends as I left Singapore to live out a gay union.

Prodigal Son, Nassim Hill Studio/ Amoy Street Studio

Two private exhibitions held at the artist's studio: Nassim Hill in 1993, and Amoy St 1995. A post-exhibition catalog "Prodigal Son" of selective works is produced by Desmond Sim of Green House Production in 1996. 


The self-published catalog as a memorial for a late lover.... muted mournings.

I Am Not The One, publication


Part of unexhibited works for the exhibition Lovers & Ancestors, Cicada Gallery Singapore. The gallery has  removed  the album  and made it  viewable only by appointment. The artists later produced a "comic book" titled I Am Not The One in New York from selections of drawings from this series designed by Alan Seah.


A series of  studies of domestic squabbles gleanned from newspaper reports, the only interesting news in Singapore.  Some drawings contain depiction of genitals the gallery deemed offensive, thus the self censorship by the gallery.

The Other Woman, 1999.
Dagmar Gallery, Santa Monica, LA.

The artist expounds the domestic trappings of living with an other. Rivalry between the sexes take the forms of sewing, ironing, and the wishful fabrication of a better man / spouse.

Alter Altar, 1999.
Plum Blossoms Gallery, Hong Kong.

Alternative pantheon of gods and ancestors. 

Catalogue published by Plum Blossoms with essay by Peter Lee.

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