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All works in private collections unless otherwise labelled FOST or TRFA.
Colonial Landscapes, 2008-2010
Fort Canning Hotel Singapore

An uninstalled set of commissioned works intended for a hotel. Various landscapes of Colonial Singapore, retro-imagined narrative around Fort Canning Hill. All works were eventually dispersed to various anonymous private collections through auction houses. 

Ancestors on the Beach, 2008. IndigNation, Post Museum / Valentine Willie Fine Art Singapore.

A first solo show in Singapore after a decade, the artist celebrates alternative marital unions. This show opened with IndigNation 2008 at the Post Museum Singapore and also inaugurated a new gallery relation with Valentine Willie Fine Art.

View off site full exhibition catalog.

Sitayana, New York. 2010.

A new gallery representation with Tyler Rollins in NYC, the artist made a gay-feminist re-write of Sita of the Ramayana.

11 of the exhibited works collected by the Singapore Art Museum.

View/ download exhibition e-catalog.

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