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2013/ 2014

Jimmy has been spending a month twice a years in Yogyarkarta, Indonesia, exploring relational work and digital story-telling in collaboration with Indonesian artists and community.

Elo Progo


In working on a new solo show for Tyler Rollins, Jimmy has chose to work around the theme of gender binary. Elo and Progo are two actual rivers, one male the other female whose confluence Jimmy encountered near Borrobudur in Indonesia. The video above chronicle his multiple trips to Yogyakarta on his inquiry about a primordial feminine principle in the Javanese culture... More.


Two videos were made for Tyler Rollins gallery exhibition, email TRFAfor access.

Kungkum (single channel LCD 04:30)

Sangam (two channel projections 08:27)

Makcik Project

While spending time in Yogyakarta, Jimmy got to know the artists community in a collaboration with two Indonesian woman artists and a local transgender community....More.

A continuum to the project as a second installment is featured as Parallel Event of Biennale Jogja 2013, under the curatorial direction of Grace Samboh and other artists in collaboration from the Jogja transgender women community, at Kedai Kebun Foundation Gallery. 


Makcik Project website:

Raffles in Yogyakarta

Inquiry on Raffles' time in Java became a mock-cumentary tour of the places Raffles had probably  been in Yogyakarta, retelling Colonial exploits at the venues.

This video is produced as an accompaniment to an artwork “Sleeping With Raffles” at the exhibition The History 0f Java by Jimmy Ong at FOST Gallery, Singapore.

Video Credit:

Erson Padapiran, tourguide, trumpet

Nadia Zawani, tourist

Shalahuddin Siregar, camera, editing

Tommy Fahrizal, sound

Satya Prapanca, editing

Labodalih Sembiring, subtitles

More info of subsequent exhibitions at


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