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Raffles Revisited: Interlopers in the History of Java and Singapore by Stephen A. Murphy

RAFFLES REVISITED Publication grown out of theRevisiting Raffles symposium (8–9 March 2019) held in conjunction with the exhibition Raffles in Southeast Asia: Revisiting the Scholar and Statesman exhibition (1 February–28 April 2019) at the Asian Civilisations Museum.( Page 102-127)

Raffles restitution: Artistic responses to Singapore’s 1819 colonisation

Ng Yi-Sheng Journal of Southeast Asian Studies, 50(4), pp 599–631 December 2019.© The National University of Singapore, 2020 doi:10.1017/S0022463420000089 (Jimmy mentioned on page 617-618.)


The essay is also adapted here:



Conversation with Alfian Saat. Except from Raffles Renounced, 2021, Ethos Books


Wong, Tessa. “Singapore: The artist cutting off the head of a British colonialist”, BBC [Asia; online], 28 October,

Lim, Michelle. “A Refusal of Raffles, Plural Art Mag [Singapore; online], 18 October,

“Becoming Singapore" (Episode 2, 0:700-12:00), Channel NewsAsia [Singapore; online], hosted by Eunice Olsen. 29 January 2019.

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