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Raffles Trophies

This series of Raffles Trophies are musings prior to SG Bicentennial. ln the manner of colonial extraction of Javanese treasures, what constitute as trophies of conquest looking westward. Like the orchids in white tureens and amphorae in World of Interiors, what is an offering on a stately English tables and chairs; The desire for Imperial objects, even in Asia. Empire R Us.

these series of still life drawings of European antiques and tropical offerings are consigned to Fost Gallery, exhibited in Singapore art fairs between 2018-2020... more on their website.

[...] In another configuration of a 'home sized monument" as featured at ACM's copper version in the 2019 show, above an aluminium version. Traditional Javanese copper rice pots and kettle stacked into a totem, a nod to the notion of genger, Light spills from punctured holes forming Javanese script of the phrase “Amok” meaning to ambulate wildly out of control. "Amok" has since become a word in the English dictionary. Here it becomes a catchphrase, an eternal flame to the original meaning of Amok in Javanese: of royal soldiers when facing inevitable defeat, defusing violent frenzy, "fighting to an honourable death."

At Bale Role, the royal menu features a dish call Gajah Nuggling. Reputed to be the Sultan's favourite. The name describes elephants tumbling. Gajah is possibly a code for the royal army.


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