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Citadel @Kampong Gelam/ Artworks for OpenHouse fund raise auction, Gillman Barrack.

As a renewed dialogue after the Singapore Bicentennial, Road to Citadel memorialises a historical event —Crawford's destruction of the Sultan's Citadel in Kampong Gelam to make way for North Bridge Road. The act was under the guise of liberating the Sultan’s mistreated women slaves. Historically, the EIC exported Indian penal labourers for the construction of roads and civic buildings.

The figures of men boarding an open vehicle took the composition from , a photograph (URL CNA blog) of students mounting a lorry during the Hock Lee Bus riots. The rare documented instances of civic violence from the colonial era in an artist montage of perceptions. With migrant workers still transported on lorries today, are we not the legacy of Colonial times?

Road to Citadel- Indian Convicts Boarding Crawford's Lorry, 2022.

A later companion/ serial drawing as an all-female version of the first work: Parting at the Citadel (North Bridge Road) 2022.


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