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2019/ June— PovertyQuilt*, @Campers'Corner

Interactive Installation, friends and public were invited to sew buttons on a quilt in memory of artist's grandmother (and recently deceased spouse).

Beginning with filial piety to secretive grief ... to collective Corvid Memorial. The buttons gather in constellations and grow with time at different venues.

This sets of curtains and three more sets to come would be a start of a series of memorial sewings made for three different occasion and settings. From Yogyakarta workshop to CampersCorner at Waterloo Street, it goes to ACM and had a re-run in Yishun at the TzuChi Humanistic Youth Centre. More videos of various public sewings here:

*PovertyQuilt is coined to identify the stylistic up-cycled quilts from remnant denims into larger usable curtains/ hangings. It is in part a tribute to the year of poverty that my grandmother suffered when my grandfather was stranded in Palembang.( Although her frequent mentioned of the story apparent that she was proud to be an independent single mother for a year) PovertyQuilt also for me is the purity-simplicity of the stoic pride I see in the people I met in Yogya. various pieces of Povertyquilts has come out of the workshops: A Year in Java quilt, the Parangkusuma quilt, Stupa quilt, and the Angry Bird quilt.



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