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2019/April- Raw Forms, Coda Culture, Singapore.

curated group show at Seelan Paley's independent art space in Golden Mile. Another group show at Coda Culture new premise at Aliwal Street featured one of the Refuse Bin series in December.

The works premiered at Coda Culture are as follow:

Raffuse Bins Series: Stackable Catchall Trays. Recycle Bin for cans and bottles. Plastic Bag Holder, Knives Block, All in edition 3. Carpaint on cast resin.

A reworked Seamstress Raffles which became "Arch of Rafflesia" made of denim scraps, which sparks the PovertyQuilt Series of work later.

A paper-mache lantern titled Ampun Lampun which is unfinished (awaiting a performance, Sleeping Police, in which the lantern is to be run over by car and bicycle tire print-marks, undone due to artist leaving for US in hurry).

curator's instagram post: [Teng Yen Hui 丁彦惠 on Instagram: “sneaky sneak peek of “Raw Forms” opening at @codaculture this friday. @allourtomorrows being all anal about installation..”](



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