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2018/ March—Open House! Emerald Hill.

Commissioned by OpenHouse Singapore as part of an extensive survey of Colonial Orchard Road, a Raffles Grill was made of metal in Bandung. As I was already researching Javanese cooking, I wanted a performance that revive rowdy street fare of Java that also make a monument "useful" as it is not as revered in Indonesia.

It was also a chance to rehang the Seamstress Raffles in a the manner of ropes and hanging from the ceiling.

[OH! Open House on Instagram: “Upon first glance, Jimmy Ong’s Open Love Letters is a rather festive work. There is music playing, the fragrance of spices in the air, kueh…”](

exhibition of Seamstress' Raffles and Raffles Grill being made in Bandung;

and performed Open Love Letters to the dangdut music in background.


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