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a gift for the donor

...the artwork “Vines over Water” currently on hold at FOST Gallery be a designated gift to the donor not part of NUS Museum Amoy Suite. This work is made at the same time as “Study for Portable Prayer installation on Singapore River”. Study for Portable Prayer is in the NUSMuseum Amoy Suite because it represents the thinking process as a conceptual drawing for an installation that the artist had in mind. Hulu-shaped prayer pods on bumboats along the Singapore River was what the artist envisioned as a memorial after September 11 terrorist act. Both drawings were exhibited in NYC in 2012 at Plum Blossoms Gallery with an actual physical construction of the prayer pod and online prayer connectivity. “Vines over water" is an initial imagery in which the artist is more concern about depicting the hulu gourds vines that was growing in his backyard, adding the water backdrop to simulate the inspired view....early photo above is details of work in progress for Vines Over Water.

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