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2016/ - ArtBasel HK and ArtJarkarta.

This exhibition was featured at the HongKong art fair. Titled "Java Series- Atoning Raffles", it consists of 8 large drawings and 7 effigies made of fabric and Dacron, "Seamstress'Raffles". The centre piece as a group of effigies were placed on stands as the exhibition hall does not allow overhead beams for hanging (artist preferred manner of showing the effigies by hanging)

The large drawings are titled as follow:

Raffles Descends the Seven Storied Mountain, A Scent of Rafflesia, Raffles Tattoo, Roro Rafflesia, Post-It Rafflesia, Raffles at Parangkusuma, Ni Ageng Sarang at Goa Selarong. (Last two titles not exhibited here)

The last two titles were only shown late at another fair ArtJarkarta together with a book launch of "From Bukit Larangan to Borrobudur", which is a long interview with TK Sabapathy in a large monograph that chronicle how I got started on "history drawings".

At ArtJarkarta, we attempted to launch a batik series of Fallen Tigers furushiki.

more photos of drawings featured at {History of Java} 2015, Fost Gallery and these art fairs:


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